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4:30 pm Pacific

  • 25 class hours – Ten, 2.5hr, live weekly classes.
  • 10 asynchronous hours.
  • Dates:
  • [02/15], [02/22], [02/29], [03/07], [03/21], [03/28], [04/04], [04/18], [04/25], [05/02]
  • Easy connection via Zoom on computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Your instructor: Terri Hase, PCC, IAC-MC

An International Coaching Federation Accredited Course


What do you need to be an effective, skilled, knowledgeable Life Coach? Truth is, a lot. That’s why you’ll find that the vast majority of coaches are also life-long learners! Getting the basics under your belt is essential, of course, but it’s not even close to ‘everything’ you’ll want to include in your own professional tool-box. But, like building the most impressive structures in the world, every great tower depends on its stable foundation to make it all possible.

It’s that solid foundation that you’ll get with Impact’s Core Coaching Skills training course. The core coaching skills you’ll learn in this course will support every method, every technique, and every specialty training you’ll ever use during your professional coaching career. Your coaching mastery starts here!

From the basic understanding of professional skills, through the developing expertise to know exactly when to use them and how.  You will be guaranteed to deliver value and results for your clients, all while avoiding the pitfalls so many new coaches encounter. And there’s more! It’s also about the way you show up in the coaching relationship, and sustain momentum between sessions, how you maintain your coaching presence in the face of deep emotions, listen between the lines, and know what to do with what you hear….and MUCH more.


In this course you’ll discover:

  • The Core Competencies as set out by the International Coaching Federation
  • What true coaching presence is and what it’s not.
  • How to handle the most difficult coaching conversations with ease
  • Expanding your listening to a tri-plex approach
  • How to leverage your client’s insights into sustainable action
  • How to start a coaching session that leads to authentic coaching partnership
  • How to understand the flow and format of the competencies as a road-map
  • The art of powerful questions that go way beyond being interesting and clever
  • Detecting when a mis-step has occurred and how to recover quickly
  • The three questions you must answer before the client hires you
  • How to leverage your life experience into dynamic coaching skills
  • How to create accountability for your client, even if you’re uncomfortable with accountability!

And much more….

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This live teleclass course is easily accessible to students around the world, in the English language via Zoom on computer, tablet or smartphone. A few clicks of the buttons and you’re instantly connected live, in real-time, with fellow students from around the world. The ease of the teleclass structure makes for a rich and diverse learning environment. Our live teleclasses are created using proven instructional design standards, and they are infused with interaction, delivery, and engagement that support all learning styles.

Class occurs once a week and is 2.5 hours each session. The course meets 10 times over 12 weeks, with occasional adjustments for holidays, and includes 2 designed off-weeks as part of the enhanced learning plan.

You will have homework between classes. The self-study and homework portion of this program is essential to your learning success. Several of the assignments, both in and out of class, will involve working with your fellow classmates. This creates a safe learning and practice space with people on a similar journey. You will be required to turn in a sample coaching session for instructor review. Full details will be provided in class, including some recording tips to make this simple and easy. Your course also includes access to an entire set of audio files, a manual, and additional resources to support your learning.

As you invest in your learning you may discover that you need a little extra support – that’s great! It’s very normal and expected. With this in mind, remember that if you need any extra connection, you are encouraged to set a private appointment with your instructor, our Director of Student Affairs, or any one of our support team. Contact Us – We are here for YOU!


These are the basic requirements for this course, which is presented in English:

To maximize the learning and practice benefits of this course, you will be paired with a class colleague for some of the out-of-class assignments and paired with one or more classmates for several in-class assignments. You will be working with people from all over the world and you are expected to be a respectful and interactive participant in these exercise opportunities. Homework is required, and rest assured, it’s designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

During class you will be called upon for your thoughts, experiences, questions, opinions, and to engage in the class discussion. This is essential to everyone’s learning, and the value you bring benefits us all. You will NEVER be ‘called out’, but there will be times you will be appropriately ‘called upon’. Please be prepared to engage and participate. You must attend all classes live, and be an active participant, in order to graduate.

If you must miss a class, no problem! You will need to complete a missed class report and attend one of the available ‘Make-up’ days. You can exercise this option for up to two (2) missed classes during this course without it impacting your graduation. Missing more than 2 classes requires a full or partial retake of the course, (no additional charge), in order to receive your diploma. Our attendance requirements align to the International Coaching Federation requirements to ensure every students ability to easily apply their learning to their credentialing process, if they so choose that path. Please speak with one of our student advisors if you have any additional questions about our attendance policy.

The coaching session requirement for this course mandatory for graduation. You will be given full instructions in class, have ample training and practice, all before this is due. Failure to turn this in, or if you score below the minimum standard of coaching skill, will result in the inability to pass the course successfully. You will be delighted to discover that the Impact Coaching Academy training prepares you to far surpass the minimum requirement for graduation. This course does include a written final exam. This multiple choice, online exam is required for graduation. Details will be given in class. You will be asked to affirm your willingness to participate under the guidelines of Impact Coaching Academy’s “Policies and Procedures” and “Participation Agreement” before the first class session. It ensures a positive, safe, and enjoyable learning environment for everyone.


This course is primarily for beginning coaches, so the prerequisites are minimal:

• While it is valuable to have completed Ethics and Conduct first, you are welcome to take this course at any time, and we strongly encourage that you are also registered for our Ethics and Conduct for Coaches course, regardless of the order in which the classes are scheduled. At bare minimum you must read and affirm adherence to the ICF Code of Ethics and Conduct.

• Students must be of the age of majority in their country of residence and have a good working knowledge of English (written and spoken).

ALL IMPACT COURSE TIMES ARE LISTED IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (Los Angeles, U.S.). Click This Link to see this event start time in your specific time zone.