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Saving Lives: What Coaches Need to Know About Suicide

November 9 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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  • 2 Two-hour live weekly classes, Wednesdays.
  • 2 week course.
  • Dates:
  • [11/9] [11/16]
  • Connect via phone, Skype or web interface
  • Your instructors: Terri Hase & Shell Cowper Smith


On an average day in America 121 people end their lives by suicide. That means that we will lose over 44,000 people this calendar year and create approximately 265,000 immediate family members with questions, confusion and grief.

There are coaching skills and techniques that work across broad cross-sections of humanity, and then there are methods and techniques that are very demographically specific. No matter how you design your coaching practice, or what community you have decided to coach, within that group certain human experiences will appear.  Your client’s will lose an aging family member, they will lose their jobs, get diagnoses, and…be touched by suicide.

As coaches, we have an opportunity to help change the current trend around suicide. Not because we attract, or even work with, overtly suicidal people, but because our coach training has already positioned us to be very good at noticing the signs, and having the critical conversations, if we’re willing to learn what to look for.

Not only can you potentially save a life, but you can bring much needed support to grieving families, (some of whom might be your clients), and establish deep connections within your community up to, and including, making it a safer place for those struggling with suicidal thoughts.


In this course you’ll discover:

  • Risk factors for suicide.
  • The difference between rational and irrational suicide ideation.
  • How to pick up on indirect suicidal communications.
  • Little known signs of an emerging suicide crisis.
  • How to reduce the risk for imminent suicides.
  • Essential confidence for suicide related conversations and actions.
  • The various ways that you can contribute to saving lives within your community.
  • How to ask the all important ‘S’ question.
  • The 3-step process that will be your foundational process to save lives.
  • How to get the suicidal person the help they need, fast!
  • Why all these skills should be in the toolbox of every coach.

And much more….

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This live teleclass course is easily accessible to students around the world, with nothing more than a phone, computer, or Wi-Fi mobile device. A few clicks of the buttons and you’re instantly connected live, in real-time, with fellow students from around the world. The ease of the teleclass structure makes for a rich and diverse learning environment. Our live teleclasses are created using proven instructional design standards, and they are infused with interaction, delivery, and engagement that support all learning styles.

Class occurs once a week and is ninety minutes each session. The course meets 2 times over 2 weeks, with occasional adjustments for holidays as necessary.

You will have homework between classes. The self-study and homework portion of this program is essential to your learning success. Several of the assignments, both in and out of class, will involve working with your fellow classmates. This creates a safe learning and practice space with people on a similar journey.

Your course also includes access to an entire set of audio files, a manual, and additional resources to support your learning.

As you invest in your learning you may discover that you need a little extra support – that’s great! It’s very normal and expected. With this in mind, remember that if you need any extra connection, you are encouraged to set a private appointment with your instructor, our Director of Student Affairs, or any one of our support team. Contact Us – We are here for YOU!


You will be working with people from all over the world and you are expected to be a respectful and interactive participant in these exercise opportunities. Homework is required, and rest assured, it’s designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

During class you will be called upon for your thoughts, experiences, questions, opinions, and to engage in the class discussion. This is essential to everyone’s learning, and the value you bring benefits us all. You will NEVER be ‘called out’, but there will be times you will be appropriately ‘called upon’. Please be prepared to engage and participate.

You will be asked to affirm your willingness to participate under the guidelines of Impact Coaching Academy’s “Policies and Procedures” and “Participation Agreement” before the first class session. It ensures a positive, safe, and enjoyable learning environment for everyone.


The included courses are primarily for beginning coaches, so the prerequisites are minimal.

  • Students must be of the age of majority in their country of residence and have a good working knowledge of English (written and spoken).


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November 9
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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