If you want an easily affordable quick-start launch to your coaching career, the Impact Coaching Certificate Coach Program is for you. You will earn a respected coaching certification as you learn the core elements to build a strong foundation. This dynamic program thoroughly ingrains the highest standards regarding ‘Ethics and Conduct for Professional Coaches’, and the globally accepted foundational ‘Core Coaching Skills’, all while it sets the foundation for your own journey toward coaching mastery.

With 35 hours of live, interactive training, peer coaching practice, plus additional growth through the self-study and homework assignments, all of which is partnered with our signature training resources, you will be equipped and empowered to evolve yourself into the coach you want to be.



• 10 hours live instruction • 4 asynchronous hours •  4 weeks •  4 total classes

You will gain a deep level of understanding how to exemplify the ethical guidelines, in a very practical sense, in your coaching relationships and sessions. You will develop ethical skills through group discussion, homework and practice, while your confidence grows in the area of coaching ethics and conduct.


• 25 hours live instruction • 10 asynchronous hours • 12 weeks • 10 total classes

Learn the skills that determine the level of value and connection in your coaching sessions. It's about the way you show up, how you sustain momentum between sessions, how you maintain your coaching presence in the face of deep emotions, how you listen between the lines and know what to do with what you hear. Your Core Coaching Skills will serve you your entire career!


• Self-Study Course • 4+ hours • immediate access recordings

Our flagship Business Building program helps set your business foundation and quickly launch your coaching career. This results-driven program is for both new and veteran coaches who want to set a solid foundation for their business and get off to a quick start, generating income immediately. By the end of this course you will have identified your niche market and ideal client, as well as creating your Coaching Business Model and 12 Month Revenue Plan.


Learning highlights include:

  • How to begin and end coaching sessions that rock!

  • How to begin and end coaching relationships that lead to referrals and rave reviews.

  • Learn the real reason that being ‘helpful’ isn’t all that helpful in coaching.

  • Explore the difference between asking hard questions and asking powerfully reorienting questions.

  • Discover how to prepare for the unexpected in any coaching session.

  • How to avoid conflicts of interest and what to do when they happen.

  • Learn how to get out of your own way, beyond your own fears, to make your impact in the world.

  • Learn the Core Coaching Skills necessary for every coaching method to actually work.

And much more….

These live courses are ICF approved, providing 35 interactive class hours and 8 self-study/homework hours.

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Total price for these courses if purchased individually: $2591.

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This course package saves you over $590!

Total price for these courses if purchased individually: $2591.

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The included courses are live teleclasses, and easily accessible to students around the world with nothing more than a phone, computer, or Wi-Fi mobile device. A few clicks of the buttons and you’re instantly connected live, in real-time, with fellow students from around the world. The ease of the teleclass structure makes for a rich and diverse learning environment. Our live teleclasses are created using proven instructional design standards, and they are infused with interaction, delivery, and engagement that support all learning styles.  

There will be homework between classes. The self-study and homework portion of this program is essential to your learning success. Several of the assignments, both in and out of class, will involve working with your fellow classmates. This creates a safe learning and practice space with people on a similar journey.

You will be required to turn in a sample coaching session for instructor review. Full details will be provided in class, including some recording tips to make this simple and easy.

You will be asked to draft a working coaching agreement and welcome packet/media. This will be explained in class and is necessary for class exercises (this can be a simple word document and is assigned as homework between sessions).

Your course also includes access to an entire set of audio files, a manual, and additional resources to support your learning.

As you invest in your learning you may discover that you need a little extra support – that’s great! It’s very normal and expected. With this in mind, remember that if you need any extra connection, you are encouraged to set a private appointment with your instructor, our Director of Student Affairs, or any one of our support team. Contact Us – We are here for YOU!


In addition to compliance with the attendance, homework and participation requirements of each of the courses included in this program (see the individual class links for information), candidates for the ‘ICA Certificate of Professional Coaching’ will also be required to submit the following (full instructions and details will be given in class):

  • 1 additional coaching demonstration session that meets the minimum passing level for Core Coaching Skills.
  • An affidavit of coaching experience that attests to coaching a minimum of 5 different people and having conducted a minimum of 8 total coaching sessions.
  • Pass a separate online, multiple-choice Impact Certificate Exam.
  • Personal interview with Impact senior staff.
The included courses are primarily for beginning coaches, so the prerequisites are minimal.

  • While it is valuable to complete Ethics and Conduct first, you are welcome to take the courses at any time, regardless of the order in which the classes are scheduled.
  • Students must be of the age of majority in their country of residence and have a good working knowledge of English (written and spoken).