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11 am Pacific

1st & 3rd Tuesday

Each Month!


  • Ongoing Series of calls. Join any time.
  • 90-minute sessions.
  • Connect via phone, Skype or web interface.
  • in-depth coaching sessions.
  • Growing resource library, tools, and templates.
  • Your instructors: Dr. Lee BaucomTerri Hase.


Can you imagine the Coaching Business of your dreams?

Do it, right now. Imagine...

It lifts you up, empowers you, connects you, helps you deliver value and create change in the world. It supports you having a great life-style, and it sustains you financially at whatever level you want, (and/or aligns to the work you want to put in), and it’s amazing.

You’re proud of your business, feel confident about yourself as a business person, an entrepreneur, or a staff-coach, depending on the path you’ve chosen.

Imagine it.  Feels pretty amazing, right?

Now, look at where you are now. Are you close, closing in on having it all together?  Or, maybe you’re nowhere in the ballpark, or even nowhere in the neighborhood. It’s ALL okay.  If you want, and you’re ready, you CAN close that gap! In many cases it’s actually simple to close the gap – but that doesn’t make it EASY.  Well, hang on, because we’re about to make it WAY easier than you might be experiencing right now.

There is a big distinction between coach training and business training.  Almost all of us need both kinds of training to some degree. How can you get the best of what you need, but in a customized way that address your actual situation, dreams, and desires for your coaching business?  With our new Impact VIP Master Mind, of course.

Mastermind’s are a proven tool, favored by successful super-achievers world-wide.  You’ve probably heard of them, you may have even been in one or two, but you’ve never seen one designed to boost your coaching success and impact quite like this!

Let’s begin with the WHO behind it – because this is a first!

Dr. Lee Baucom, Impact’s Co-Managing Director, has seen more than a good amount of success in this lifetime, and I’m very confident he’s just scratched the surface of his own journey in thriving!

He’s graced the world with five, (and counting), published books, thousands of podcasts, clinical work, group work, counseling, coaching, TV appearances, published articles, blog posts galore, radio interviews, and so, SO much more. He also runs Facebook groups, online courses, and found time to recently earn his blue-belt in Jiu-Jitsu! He is a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to thriving in the personal development and coaching industry – Lee is walking the talk, blazing the trail, and frequently cutting the edge. He’s a sought-after trainer and we’ve got him RIGHT HERE at Impact Coaching Academy.  Dr. Lee Baucom is your co-facilitator for this journey!  But, that’s not all, our other Co-Managing Director, Terri Hase, PCC, MMC, is his side-kick and co-facilitator for this amazing Mastermind. Terri is a long-time coach trainer, mentor, and practitioner. She’s broadcast over 1000 podcasts, taught over 1500 classes, and coached over 2000 hours. She’s seen a thing or two, and done a thing or two, and brings her experience to every session.

Together they are funny, quirky, driven, practical, and a real easy duo to connect with. They both are highly skilled at wrapping wisdom, safety, compassion, and trust around every participant in their programs.

Why we wanted to bring the VIP Mastermind to life, and the likely reason you want in it!

Coaching is a calling and when you fail/quit at a calling, it can be devastating. Nothing makes our team more heartbroken then when a great coach leaves coaching, all because of a failure to find their business footing. Industry-wide the number of students who never fully launch their business, or coaches who wind up losing their businesses within the first five years, is still WAY higher than we’d like. We know we can do something about that!

You have a life to live, impact to create, and the world needs YOU. The world needs coaches generally – but YOU, specifically. Honest. You heard the call, it’s time to answer loud and clear.

Okay, so what is the VIP Mastermind exactly?

It’s a private Mastermind where every participant is a VIP! You’ll have dedicated coaching time to help you get out of your own way, brainstorming with the group around your best options for business growth, and deep connections with other thriving coaches who are emerging left and right all around you. And that’s just the headline!



Here's more:

  • A VIP Private Facebook Group for between meeting connection. It’s a great place to ask questions, tap into the wisdom of the collective, and not be bombarded with spam/junk/sales and pressure to grow your business to someone else’s standards, or scale.
  • Two monthly VIP Mastermind teleconferences. You can join live or submit your questions and shares to be read live on the call. With meetings twice a month it gives you the benefit of frequent and regular accountability, but the time in between to get things done.
  • The power to time-shift your VIP support to fit YOUR life. No matter where in the world you are, or what you have going on, you can time-shift your participation into a place that works for YOU.  All calls are recorded, and the easy sort library of audios sorted by date, name, or topic – you listen when you have time, and over again when you want to review!
  • 30+ years of experience at your fingertips…and that’s just the beginning! Each additional member of your VIP Mastermind brings their wisdom and talents to the table. Dr. Baucom and Terri Hase deliver a combined experience of 30+ years between them, imagine who else might join your group and bring their experience to your aide. You don’t have to know everything or reinvent the wheel, let someone who’s been down this road before lend you a hand, or two, or six.
  • Access to Impact's Business Building Jump-Start 2.0. The full resource manual, from our classic business building program, will be included in your VIP Mastermind Membership and you'll also enjoy the freshest updates from coaches working in the field today.  You will be guided through it, with all new and powerful insights and information to keep your business growing. It’s the best of the best + + + And, it’s an exclusive addition to the VIP Mastermind.
  • Format and flow that focus on growth. Each Teleconference will feature a dynamic training, followed by a thirty-minute ‘Hot-Seat’ Coaching for one attendee, and thirty-ish minutes of Q&A and Mastermind Brainstorming. A trio of segments designed for maximum impact to your coaching business.

And…so much more. Including ‘done for you’ forms and tools for your business administration, marketing, and client attraction.



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  • This is an interactive and dynamic program that encourages live participation, however, if you can also time-shift your participation!  Since all calls are recorded, you have the power to listen and learn anytime that fits your lifestyle. 
  • You are empowered to move through the resources and audio library it at your own speed, take advantage of as many or as few of the resources and training elements as suit you, and revisit your resources again and again!
  • There are two live VIP Mastermind sessions each month, held on the first and third Tuesdays, from 2:00-3:30pm Pacific / 5:00-6:30pm Eastern. 
  • Each call is part training, part live 'hot-seat' coaching, part Q&A, and/or Mastermind process. Each call is tailored to meet your needs!
  • Participating in the hot-seat coaching is easy - reserve your spot on the calendar and the focus and support is all focused on you.

These are the basic requirements for this program:

You will be working with people from all over the world and you are expected to be a respectful and interactive participant in all exercise opportunities.

Putting what you learn into practice is required for your success, and rest assured, calls to action are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

During sessions you will be called upon for your thoughts, experiences, questions, opinions, and to engage in the Mastermind discussion. This is essential to everyone’s learning, and the value you bring benefits us all. You will NEVER be ‘called out’, but there will be times you will be appropriately ‘called upon’. Please be prepared to engage and participate.

You will be asked to affirm your willingness to participate under the guidelines of Impact Coaching Academy’s “Policies and Procedures” and “Participation Agreement” before the first VIP Mastermind session. It ensures a positive, safe, and enjoyable learning environment for everyone.

While this is not a typical classroom environment, with minimum attendance requirements, you are welcome to attend when you can - But keep in mind that maximum growth only happens through participation in the calls and exercises.


This course is good for everyone!  Those exploring coaching, new to coaching, and seasoned veteran coaches will all find something valuable here.  Everything is designed to be easy to understand, use, and apply effectively.


  • Students must be of the age of majority in their country of residence and have a good working knowledge of English (written and spoken).

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